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King Air 350/300


Aluminum 4-Blade Swept Propellers

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More thrust. Less noise. Stunning ramp appeal.

Raisbeck's Swept Technology allows the propeller diameter to be increased, generating more thrust without increasing noise. Unlike other aviation propellers that appear to be swept, Raisbeck's unique blade design sweeps not only the leading edge but also the trailing edge. While larger diameters increase blade tip Mach numbers, which in turn add undesirable drag and noise, introducing blade sweep overcomes these drawbacks.

Moreover, the tailored airfoils extend fully into the spinner, which increases both prop efficiency and airflow into the engine.

Manufactured by Hartzell Propeller—the world's leading propeller manufacturer—,the blades are high strength aluminum forgings, field-proven over millions of flight hours and offered at a lower initial cost than our Composite 5-Blade Swept Propeller. Overall diameter of the propeller is 105 inches.

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Swept Prop Trifold Brochure