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Blackhawk + Raisbeck 200-Series King Air EPIC Package

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Blackhawk goes better with Raisbeck!

A Blackhawk engine conversion enables you to fly your King Air farther, faster and more economically. Why not double the performance benefits for only about 10% over the conversion cost, by adding a Raisbeck EPIC Performance Package? 

All Raisbeck King Air Performance Systems and EPIC Performance Packages are fully compatible and FAA-certified with all Blackhawk engine upgrades for 200-Series King Airs. Their combined performance benefits are exceptional.

Plane & Pilot's Bill Cox wrote, "Collectively, the changes add as much as nine knots of cruise to some King Airs, reduce operating temperatures and improve high-altitude performance."

Co-owner of a 1979 King Air 200 equipped with Blackhawk and a Raisbeck EPIC Platinum Package, Mike Murdock of Dunagan Joint Properties explained, "From a financial point of view, the Blackhawk conversion with the Raisbeck EPIC Performance Package made so much sense. When you combine the advantages of the higher speed and taller altitudes, plus the higher TBO and added aircraft value versus overhauled engines, the operating efficiencies paid back the additional investment in a very short time."

King Air 200-Series Performance when Blackhawk is Raisbeck EPIC Equipped

Raisbeck's 200-Series EPIC Performance Package includes:

If you choose the Blackhawk -52 engine upgrade with the Raisbeck EPIC Performance Package, your Model 200 or B200 will be the fastest King Air ever certified!

[For more information about Raisbeck's 200-Series EPIC Performance Package, click here.]

The following data is applicable to all 200-series King Airs equipped with Blackhawk engines and Raisbeck's EPIC Package.

Blackhawk-EPIC Cruise Speeds Chart

Blackhawk-200-EPIC Reduced Landing Distances Chart Blackhawk-EPIC BFL-IGW Chart

Blackhawk-EPIC 200-B200 Performance Table