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King Air C90GT/GTi/GTx


Crown Wing Lockers (CWLS)

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Return your cabin to your passengers!

Keep it clear of clutter with Raisbeck's Crown Wing Lockers. They accommodate full-size golf bags, hunting and fishing gear and oversized luggage—giving you more flexibility for storing those items securely outside the cabin. Crown Doors are also available for retrofit on previously installed Nacelle Wing Lockers and add about three inches to the height of the lockers.


  • Certified for 600 lbs (300 lbs per locker) in nearly 17 cubic feet of stowage space
  • Carry oversized luggage and full size golf bags
  • Fully certified for FAR Part 135 operations
  • Free up seats for additional passengers
  • Save on interior wear and tear
  • Medeco locks


  • Lightweight composite construction allows for infinite-life structural certification
  • Aerodynamically area-ruled to minimize drag
  • Fully self-contained for a clean and dry locker interior
  • Removable in minutes for any airplane maintenance or inspections

Additional Information

Crown Wing Locker Brochure