Blackhawk goes better with Raisbeck



Make your King Air the best equipped, most versatile and economical, with the highest resale value in the world — all with Raisbeck and Blackhawk!

All Raisbeck King Air Performance Systems and EPIC Performance Packages are fully compatible and FAA-certified with all Blackhawk engine upgrades for 200-Series and C90/E90-Series King Airs. Their combined performance benefits are exceptional.
If you’re upgrading your engine with Blackhawk, you can add Raisbeck’s complete EPIC Performance Package for about 10% more at the same time and incur no additional downtime for the installation.


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C90/E90 Series

King Air 200-Series Performance when Blackhawk is Raisbeck EPIC Equipped

Raisbeck's 200-Series EPIC Performance Package includes:

If you choose the Blackhawk -52 engine upgrade with the Raisbeck EPIC Performance Package, your Model 200 or B200 will be the fastest King Air ever certified!

[For more information about Raisbeck's 200-Series EPIC Performance Package, click here.]

The following data is applicable to all 200-series.

Blackhawk-EPIC Cruise Speeds Chart

Blackhawk-200-EPIC Reduced Landing Distances Chart Blackhawk-EPIC BFL-IGW Chart

Blackhawk-EPIC 200-B200 Performance Table





King Air C90-Series Performance when Blackhawk is Raisbeck EPIC Equipped

Raisbeck's C90 EPIC Performance Package includes:

[For more information about Raisbeck's 90-Series EPIC Performance Package, click here.] Blackhawk-EPIC C90 Performance Table

 Blackhawk-EPIC C90 Takeoff Chart