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de Havilland Twin Otter


Quiet Turbofan Propellers

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Looking for a better propeller?

Look no further! Raisbeck's Quiet Turbofan Propellers for the Twin Otter offers your aircraft a multitude of benefits and improvements over your OEM props. Raisbeck's Quiet Turbofan Propellers have been popular replacements for Twin Otter props since their certification—and they are still the right option to improve your aircraft's usability.

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  • Astoundingly quiet and vibration-free inside and out, reducing fatigue on crew, passengers and airplane.
  • Maintains or exceeds original equipment performance levels.
  • Hot-prop de-icers provide low-maintenance, high-reliability de-icing capabilities
  • Reduce maintenance costs and downtime—no need to remove prop at 3000 hr/5 yr. TBO.
  • Proved by millions of trouble-free hours in service.
  • Raisbeck Quiet Turbofans pay for themselves in fuel savings alone, and make you a better neighbor at your airport.


Behind the superb performance and utility of the propellers is Raisbeck's advanced technolgy advancements in prop design. Here are some of the highlights of this technology:
  • Design incorporates high-lift airfoils and four high-twist blades with smaller diameter.
  • Manufactured by Hartzell Propeller using computer NC techniques.
  • Increase engine inlet ram air and cooler engine operating temperatures.
  • Field-proven lightweight aluminum hub with all adjustments external to hub.
  • Fully tested and approved by the FAA, Pratt & Whitney of Canada Ltd., Woodward Governor Co., BF Goodrich, Hartzell Propeller Products, Inc. and Raisbeck Engineering, Inc.